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The Advantage for Youth…

Youth from around the world find their emotional and physical wellbeing, their scholastic performance and their ability to constructively contribute to society diminished by the challenges and stresses they face in their daily lives. These factors frequently lead to a lack of preparedness for the demands of the real world, and, in some cases, an inability to escape cycles of poverty and endemic social issues, such as violence, substance abuse and crime.

To mitigate these factors, and to support the development of capacities in youth, we created the Mindfulness Ambassador Council (MAC). Currently, the MAC program is offered to youth in grades 9-12 and takes place in all girls, all boys and co-ed settings.

  • what is a mindfulness ambassador council?
  • a series of 12 theme-based lessons and simple mindfulness practices that nurture self-awareness, healthy social and emotional behavior, and ‘whole’ student development;
  • a shared learning environment when peers sit together and address the competencies they need to effectively manage personal challenges and global concerns;
  • a platform to develop leadership and life skills and set intentions to steward meaningful change;
  • an opportunity to experience firstā€hand the rewards of giving to others through 15-hours of volunteer service;
  • a lab for social innovation where members can advocate for mindful living, hence mindfulness ambassadors.

To learn more about bringing the Mindfulness Ambassador Council to your school or community organization, please contact: