This 5-session course is a compelling introduction to mindfulness and meditation practice, ideal for anyone who wants to listen and learn at their own pace from the comfort of home. You will learn the basic tenets of mindfulness and meditation practices that you can easily integrate into your daily life. Rich with stories, teachings and resources, this series is designed for everyone, from beginners to those with prior meditation experience. 

You’ll have access to five prerecorded video sessions, with key points on each topic, articles, podcasts and meditation recordings for home study. By taking this course, you’ll gain insight into developing a daily mindfulness practice. You’ll also have the option to communicate with our mindfulness experts, who can answer your questions upon completion of the course. You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, however, please note that this course is not a mindfulness teacher certification.


Online and in the comfort of your own home.
Once you register, you'll receive a detailed email with all the instructions you'll need for your learning journey.


Skill Level: For beginners or those with prior meditation experience.
Instructor: Ronit Jinich
Language: English
Materials: Pre-recorded videos, articles, home study assignments and meditation practices will be provided.
What You'll Need: Personal journal and pen
Certification: Yes, a Certificate of Completion. This is not a mindfulness teacher certification.
Refund Policy: A partial 25% refund of the course price will be considered for any individual dissatisfied with their purchase. An email must be sent to MWB’s Executive Director describing the reason for the course cancellation. Email:


  • 5 video recordings (approx. 40 minutes each) 
  • Key points highlighted in each video
  • 5 meditation practices 
  • Access to meditation recordings & printable instructions
  • Daily Meditation Tracker (interactive and downloadable)
  • Home Study assignments
  • Reflective prompts
  • Current articles
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Session 1: Mindfulness Basics – featuring Time to Breathe practice
  • Session 2: Mindful Listening – featuring Mindful Listening practice
  • Session 3: Mindfulness of the Body – featuring Body Scan practice
  • Session 4: Mindful of Emotions – featuring Heartfulness practice
  • Session 5: Nurturing Compassion – featuring Loving Kindness practice

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