Mindful@Work Program | October 2019 | Toronto ON

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Dates & Times

This course will be held Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30 pm EST at CSI Annexe 720 Bathurst Street

  • Every Wednesday, October 16th - December 4th, 2019

    Course Characteristics

    Duration: 12 hours
    Skill Level: All levels
    Languages: English
    Accreditation: Certificate of Completion available

    Facilitators: Ronit Jinich & Leah Gardiner

      Course Information 

      The Mindful@Work program was developed to mitigate the challenges and stresses of the modern workplace. The curriculum draws from the scientific expertise and collaborated works of a variety of internationally-respected leaders, including neuroscientist Dr.Richard Davidson, psychologist Daniel Goleman and Design Thinking leader, Peter Block. The collective insights of these forward-thinkers coupled with our experience in emotional intelligence in education come together to create the deeply textured, well rounded Mindful@Work curriculum. Based on neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, our qualified instructors teach tools to help individuals better manage stress, cope with anxiety, increase self-esteem, and foster deeper connections both in and out of the workplace.
      Suitable for individuals, groups of friends, couples, colleagues and anyone interested in applying tangible aspects of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence into everyday life. 

      Learning Objectives

        • Explore present moment tools to better your ability to regulate difficult emotions during stressful situations.
        • Opportunities to connect with peers and have conversations about your life experience in the context of emotional intelligence theories.
        • Learn strategies to develop a personal mindfulness practice that makes sense for you.


      "Thank you for reminding me that I can forgive myself for getting distracted and help me understand that it’s part of the practice. Understanding this is so empowering and gives me confidence to keep practicing." - Program Participant, Toronto Canada
      "I particularly enjoyed how the space was held by the facilitators, not only did I always feel welcomed and accepted, I also learned a lot about HOW to hold space. Thank you all so much, I’ve learned so much from and with you. I feel sure that these are practices and mindsets that I will call on for the rest of my life. Thank you for what you do, who you are, and how you consistently affirm us!" - Studio [Y] Particpant, Toronto Canada

      What People Are Saying

      As a recent graduate of MWB's online facilitator certification program, I can highly recommend this training to anyone that may be interested in facilitating an evidence-based SEL and mindfulness program. Theo Koffler and Leah Gardiner were amazing trainers who expertly modeled the facilitation skills and content with compassionate values during each session. As an educator working with college students on enhancing their social, emotional and ethical learning, this training was an ideal match. Thank you! 

      Ron Patterson, Program Coordinator - Nova Scotia Community College

      The MWB Facilitator Training has been a beautiful, life-changing experience. I highly recommend it.

      A. Reid, Charlotte, NC

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