This directory links you to the amazing people and their organizations that have, from its inception, shaped the fields of mindfulness, social and emotional learning and neuroscience. Their wisdom and insights have helped inform our program content, have positively impacted the world around us and continue to provide beacons of light on the work ahead.

Mirabai Bush - Founder,  Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

Richard Davidson - Founder, Center for Healthy Minds

Thupten Jinpa - Founder, Compassion Institute

Jon Kabat Zinn - Founder, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Medicine, Health Care and Society

Susan Kaiser Greenland - Founder, Inner Kids 

Dacher Keltner - Founder, Greater Good in Education

Susan Bauer-Wu - Executive Director, Mind & Life Institute

Daniel Siegel - Founder, Mindsight Institute 

Diana Winston - Director, Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLA