Our Team

Mindfulness Without Borders is led by an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers, and practitioners who are dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of mindfulness and social emotional learning. In 2015, The Huffington Post recognized Mindfulness Without Borders as one of the next 10 generational organizations that are changing the world.

Theo Koffler

& Senior Facilitator

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Leah Gardiner

Executive Director
& Lead Trainer

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Rachelle Maynard

Artistic & Marketing Lead

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Gary Diggins

Music Advisor & Program Facilitator

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Moustafa Abdelrahman

Program Facilitator,
Corporate Programs

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Sarah Hunter

Head of Research & Innovation
& Facilitator

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Natalie Matias

Community Engagement Lead
& Facilitator

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Amira Valle

Mexico Associate
& Lead Facilitator

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Nova Browning Rutherford

Program Facilitator

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Samantha Richardson


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Kathy Kleinhans

U.S. Office Manager

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Andrew Roach

U.S. Associate

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Wendy Sage

U.K. Associate

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Dr. Emmanuel Ivorgba

Nigeria Associate

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Patrick Iregura

Rwanda Associate

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Daniel Rechtscaffen

Curriculum Advisor

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Soren Gordhamer

Founding Curriculum Advisor

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