Card Deck

Mindful Conversation Starters

These conversation cards are meant to get people thinking and talking about who they are, what they like, and how they interact with the world around them. Each question targets different skills and areas of life, but they all have one primary purpose: to get you to discuss the important fundamentals of an emotionally balanced, mindful and compassionate way of living.

I have used these cards in college and university classrooms to build community and prompt students to dive into deeper and more meaningful conversation. Prompting students to share and be vulnerable in the classroom is a challenging task, but something that we know creates more connected and authentic learning

A. Hunter, Teacher

As an Outdoor Teen Facilitator, I'm always looking for a back pocket activity to help young people with grounding. The Rethink cards are literally that–a resource that can fit in my back pocket and prompt teens to share what’s important. 

Terry Maynard, Youth Educator, Trails Youth Initiative

I absolutely love these cards! As a person with mental health issues, negativity can creep up on me at any time. When this happens, I’ll pull out a card and journal about the topic to reset my mind frame.

Elizabeth, Amazon purchaser