Whether you’re looking to jump-start your mindfulness practice or you want to review the basics, our Mindful 365 course is the best way to achieve your goals. During five online learning sessions, we’ll keep you engaged by exploring core skills and meditation practices that focus on strengthening your social and emotional health. You’ll learn how mindfulness can be used and develop a greater awareness of the skills, attitudes and behaviours to deal effectively with daily challenges and experience a sense of human flourishing. If you enjoy completing the course and want to bring mindfulness to the communities you serve, you can enroll in our online facilitator certification training as the next step in your professional development.

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If you are a grade 8-12 educator, homeschooler, social worker, therapist, coach, or corporate wellness executive and have an opportunity to teach Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) in your workplace, then this certification online may be a match for you! During 8 sessions, you'll learn all the techniques and facilitation skills to take our evidence-based curriculum to your target population. In turn, your community will be equipped with essential tools and practices that have been proven to increase attention, reduce reactivity and help strengthen a more compassionate awareness of the diverse world in which they live.

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Immerse yourself with our online learning programs and learn first-hand the soft skills and mindfulness practices that will help transform your personal and professional success. What makes our online programs unique is that we attract learners from around the globe which create a rich exchange of ideas, viewpoints and perspectives.

If you are interested in teaching mindfulness, then MWB's certification training can do just that. In eight online or onsite sessions, you'll acquire the key facilitation skills and teaching techniques you need to bring our evidence-based Mindfulness Ambassador Program to youth (ages 15+) as well as the adults in your community.


  • Discover the core tenants of mindfulness
  • Learn about the science and benefits
  • Build healthy communication skills
  • Develop coping skills for managing stress and anxiety
  • Develop perspective-taking and leadership skills
  • Develop a daily mindfulness practice


 In 2015, The Huffington Post recognized Mindfulness Without Borders as an organization that is providing meaningful and innovative solutions that will shape the next decade.

The Huffington Post, Next Ten Campaign

Mindfulness Without Borders is an exceptional and wise initiative in bringing the heart/mind into the education of young people and those who support them, through mindfulness training and council process. This is a much needed project that will contribute to the positive social change that our world so needs today.

Joan Halifax, PhD, Anthropologist, Ecologist and Civil Rights Activist