Not surprisingly, more and more leaders in the corporate world have been taking note of the benefits of mindfulness meditation as a way to regulate emotions, combat stress and turn 21st century challenges into opportunities for personal and professional growth. Now, research demonstrates that meditation yields positive health benefits through its ability to train attention and develop the capacity for self-regulation – making a strong case for mindfulness in the workplace.

We know that mindfulness can be a complex topic to dive into, which is why we developed conversation starters, courses and programs that build resilience and improve mental health. At Mindfulness Without Borders, we believe that healthy organizational climates and effective leadership comes from integrating both social and emotional competence and mindfulness practices into the work environment. Think of our program benefit as gaining knowledge for the development of healthy minds and, strategies for the cultivation of healthy relationships. Bottom line, we provide unmatched opportunities for individuals to learn, grow and transform.


Our corporate training program, Mindful@Work, focuses on cultivating each person’s ability to integrate social and emotional intelligence and mindfulness as core skill-sets for optimal performance. Ranging from small to large group workshops – on-site or online, we place emphasis on personal reflection and in-depth conversation. Through engaging and experiential activities, we address leadership styles and supporting mindfulness practices that yield positive results. Participants will better understand themselves, their thoughts, their feelings and their behavior as a way to strengthen focus, clarity and creativity on the job. With increased self-awareness, participants will be better equipped to manage others, navigate workplace challenges, combat occupational stress and make decisions based on a willingness to be more curious and receptive to the new and unexpected.

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As a career teacher for 40 years who has taken part in so many professional development programs, I can honestly say that your professional competency is second to none. It is an incredible skill to be so clear, so in tune and so aware while role modelling superb facilitation and imparting such valuable material with such fluidity and insight.

David Schlanger, Professor, Entrepreneurship & Strategy Department, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Mindfulness Without Borders is an exceptional and wise initiative in bringing the heart/mind into the education of young people and those who support them, through mindfulness training and council process. This is a much needed project that will contribute to the positive social change that our world so needs today.

Joan Halifax, PhD, Anthropologist, Ecologist and Civil Rights Activist