The truth is, young people are mostly on their own to manage the emotional ups and downs of human development. Vulnerability and uncertainty with self-image, relationships, career prospects, outlook on community and the world can hamper preparedness for the demands of the real world. In some cases, when youth mental health plummets, there is a risk for more serious outcomes such as difficulty managing their emotions and behavior, depression, substance abuse, and social isolation. While the education system helps youth with cognitive development, once they step outside the classroom they face challenges where knowing the square root of pi cannot help. Our evidence-based curriculum for youth, The Mindfulness Ambassador program, changes that story.


Through interactive activities and meaningful peer-to-peer conversations, participants explore their personal insights and the perspectives of others. In time and with practice, they learn important skills, including:

  • Develop focused attention
  • Regulate Emotions and Behavior
  • Manage Stress or Anxiety
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • Appreciate Diversity


The Mindfulness Ambassador Program (MAP) offers student participants a forum to meet face to face and learn about constructive ways for addressing personal, social and community challenges. Essentially, the MAP establishes a common language based on sharing, modeling and practicing core principles and strategies that help strengthen their well-being, think critically and act with thoughtfulness and compassion. As young people begin to recognize their ability to become ambassadors for positive social change they not only become more selfless but also more compassionate, empathetic and inclusive of the diversity that surrounds them. From self-awareness self-management and social awareness activities to secular mindfulness practices, our interactive programs for young people boost soft skill development and address the challenges and opportunities that they face outside school walls. As students learn differently, our evidence-based programs come in three different packages, including:

The Mindfulness Ambassador - Global Edition

A series of 12 theme-based lessons for mainstream students with a special focus in developing key social and emotional competencies and secular mindfulness practices. English and Spanish versions are available.

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The Mindfulness Ambassador - Interactive Edition

A series of 8 theme-based lessons for students with alternative learning styles. The interactive edition uses videos and creative activities as a way to reinforce the social and emotional competencies and focused attention practices needed to navigate daily life.

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Our Mindfulness Ambassador Program for Youth is now available in Spanish.

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In 2012, the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work explored the benefits and limitations of the Mindfulness Ambassador program for secondary school students. This study examined the outcomes participation in the Mindfulness Ambassador program had on students’ academic motivation, self-management, levels of stress and anxiety and socio-emotional learning. Researchers used a mixed-method research design to gather qualitative data from focus groups, and quantitative data from pre-post questionnaires using standardized scales to gauge the program impact.

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Mindfulness Without Borders is creating miracles. The trainings, materials, support system and structure they have created are changing lives. Their work represents the best of what we can be to each other.

Peter Block, Author, Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

Thanks to the MWB workshop, it was the very first time that we had 65 high-energy sales associates in the same room, silent and ‘in the moment!

Wendy Novia, Vice President Sales, Polaris Pacific, San Francisco