Teen Ambassadors: Virtual Camp | Mornings

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  • July 14: Discovering Mindfulness 
  • July 21: Paying Attention
  • July 28: Discovering Inside
  • August 4: Mind-Body Connection
  • August 11: Practicing Gratitude


11:00 am - 12:15 pm EST
ZOOM - Rain or shine, see you online.
To join the session: You'll receive an email the day before with a password.


This five-session online webinar is designed for teens aged 12-19 interested in exploring their passions, making an impact and being mindfulness ambassador for a better world In this 5- series class, they will explore how they think, feel and act as well as learn strategies to promote kindness and compassionate to themselves and others. They’ll discover new strategies and mindfulness practices to help them manage stress in the face of these challenging times.


Attendance: 5 sessions
Duration: 75 minutes
Skill Level: Open to teens 12-19 years. Parents welcome.
Languages: English
Assignments: Optional
Certification: No
Cost: $50 
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  • Leah Gardiner
  • Ronit Jinich
  • Theo Koffler


  • Exploration of the practice of mindfulness.
  • Discover the art and practice of listening skills to help build and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Reflective space to share personal experiences and learn from the insights of others.
  • Present Moment Tools for everyday life.


  • Five handouts with mindfulness practices and take away assignments.


      "What I wholeheartedly loved is that both instructors always made the workshop so warm, comfortable, and most importantly, safe. At times I would feel that I am saying the wrong things or not being articulate. Never have they made me or anyone from the group feel different. Thank you to both!" - Facilitator Certification Participant

      "As a recent graduate of MWB's online facilitator certification program, I can highly recommend this training to anyone that may be interested in facilitating an evidence-based SEL and mindfulness program. Theo Koffler and Leah Gardiner were amazing trainers who expertly modeled the facilitation skills and content with compassionate values during each session. As an educator working with college students on enhancing their social, emotional and ethical learning, this training was an ideal match. Thank you!" 
      Ron Patterson, Program Coordinator - Nova Scotia Community College

      "The MWB Facilitator Training has been a beautiful, life-changing experience. I highly recommend it." - A. Reid, Charlotte, NC