Program Description

This online SEL program is an ideal match for individuals interested in experiencing our flagship Mindfulness Ambassador Program (MAP) and its associations with well-being. It’s designed to equip you with soft skills based in social emotional intelligence and secular mindfulness. This foundational program has been facilitated by the Mindfulness Without Borders team for over a decade in 15 countries around the world. You can experience this program on your own, and if you’re interested in bringing it to others at your workplace—whether in the classroom, in one-on-one therapeutic sessions, in college and university courses, or in corporate wellness programs—you can attend our certification training.

Program Details

Cost: $99.00 CAD

Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor: TBD

Language: English

Duration: 7 hours

Assignments: 20 minutes per week

Materials: Electronic handouts and assignments provided

Certification: Certificate of Completion

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Payment Plans: We offer group rates for two or more. Please email our Founder for more information.

To Join the Session: You’ll receive an email from your course instructor with a Zoom link and password approximately one week prior to the course start date.

Location: ZOOM. Rain or shine, see you online.

Program Dates:
Session 1: TBD
Session 2: TBD
Session 3: TBD
Session 4: TBD
Session 5: TBD
Session 6: TBD

Please note: This course will not certify you to be a mindfulness educator.

Session Topics & Practices

Session 1: Mindfulness Basics 
Session 2: Paying Attention
Session 3: Discovering Inside
Session 4: Connecting Authentically
Session 5: Practicing Gratitude
Session 6: Mind Body Connection

What you'll learn

  • Strategies and soft skills rooted in social emotional learning
  • Mindfulness practices to integrate into daily life
  • Present moment tools to better manage challenging emotions, stress and anxiety

What you'll receive

  • 6 Take Away Practice handouts for each session's home assignments
  • Access to MWB mindfulness meditation recordings
  • Current research and articles

What people are saying!

The nice thing about the MAP program is that it is adaptable to so many types of learners, so that I can meet students where they are at in their social emotional growth.

Alyssa Sinopoli, Teacher

The Mindfulness Without Borders curriculum and resource team offers educators of every level a unique opportunity to raise students who are well-educated spiritually, intellectually, and with core skills to function in our ever-changing society.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Creator, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

The extraordinary work of MWB to bring mindfulness and positive character development to conflict and post-conflict communities is inspiring and so important in our world today where the capacity to cultivate compassion in our daily lives can help to bring about a more peaceful world.

Dr. Richard Davidson, Founder, Center for Healthy Minds