Mindful@Work - February

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  • February 11th: Exploring Mindfulness, featuring Time To Breathe practice
  • February 18th: Mind & Body Connection, featuring Body Scan practice
  • February 25th: Practicing Gratitude, featuring Everyday Gratitude practice
  • March 4th: Nurturing Compassion, featuring Loving Kindness practice


ZOOM - Rain or shine, see you online.
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

To join the session: You’ll receive an email from your course instructor with a zoom link and password approximately one week prior to the course start date.


Attendance: Please do your best to attend all sessions
Duration: 4 sessions / 60 minutes each
Skill Level: Open to anyone
Languages: English
Certification: Yes, a Certificate of Completion! This is not a mindfulness teacher certification.
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  • Leah Gardiner
  • Natalie Matias


We know finding a work-life balance is becoming more difficult. Between the stress of COVID-19, layers of responsibility, endless to-do lists and caretaking, you are pushed to your limits. Join us online for 4 interactive and experiential webinars. Let our skilled facilitators guide you through conversations and meditation practices to help improve your focus, build resilience and strengthen overall well-being. These tools will help you stay present, achieve emotional clarity, reduce reactivity, manage stress, and navigate the cascading events in your personal and professional life with more ease and compassion.


    • Strategies to train attention, manage emotions and reduce stress.
    • Emotional intelligence skills to increase self-awareness, perspective-taking and responsible decision-making.
    • 4 integration strategies to advance newly learned skills and insights into daily life.
    • 4 mindfulness meditation practices to support well-being. 
    • Tools to deepen reflection and intention-setting.
    • Practices to strengthen attention and be more focused.


      "Thank you for reminding me that I can forgive myself for getting distracted and help me understand that it’s part of the practice. Understanding this is so empowering and gives me confidence to keep practicing." – Program Participant, Toronto Canada

      "I particularly enjoyed how the space was held by the facilitators, not only did I always feel welcomed and accepted, I also learned a lot about HOW to hold space. Thank you all so much, I’ve learned so much from and with you. I feel sure that these are practices and mindsets that I will call on for the rest of my life. Thank you for what you do, who you are, and how you consistently affirm us!" – Studio [Y] Participant, Toronto Canada