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Youth Education

Our programs are designed to help youth from around the world mitigate the challenges and stresses of their daily lives and improve their overall emotional and physical well-being.

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Professional Training

Our workshops and trainings address the vital relationship between social and emotional intelligence and mindfulness as a boost to personal and career success.  

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Online Education

Learn at your own pace. Take our online courses to get strategies and tools to enhance your well-being, or to get trained as a certified instructor of our evidence-based youth curriculum.

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"MAC has become an essential part of my curriculum. It is well structured and provides my students with meaningful opportunities for contemplation and growth. It is extraordinary to hear students share how the techniques and insights learned through the MAC influence their actions, choices and character development."Jessica Skieresz, Educator, Marin County, California
"I would recommend that this program be available to all Grade 12 students stressing about University! It really helped me learn to reduce my stress and manage emotions, like anger."Mindfulness Ambassador, Toronto
"So often in the last few months I have wondered how I can go on in this profession which I love, but which I experience as emotionally exhausting. The Mindfulness Ambassador Council and Teacher Training program made me want to continue teaching."Lena Virgilio, Educator, Toronto

Listen & Be Heard: Techniques for Effective Communication & Teambuilding

This module introduces a compelling way to foster personal insight and authentic connection. You will enhance your communication and facilitation skills by participating in the circle of council, and bearing witness to a process that cultivates attentive listening, reflection, heart-felt dialogue and appreciation for diversity. Through lectures and experiential exercises, you will explore council-based practices to create safe learning spaces for cross-cultural conversations and to support skill-sets that advance emotional and social intelligence. Prerequisite: MINDB58 – Mindfulness-Based Social & Emotional Learning: Strategies and Application.

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Level Two: Mindful Educator Certification Training

Join MWB at University of Toronto to explore the ‘missing piece’ in education and learn essential social-emotional competencies and secular mindfulness practices as they relate to self-awareness, social awareness and responsible decision-making. This module will also focus on establishing a personal mindfulness practice in the flow of daily life.

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Most coaches impose standards from the outside. Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, asks his players to go inside first.
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Learn the NBA technique to keeping your cool! #fullfillmentdaily
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We use technology all the time – sometimes it makes us happy, sometimes not. Research shows us that whether tech will make us happy or...
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Neuroscientist Richie Davidson proves that mindfulness can change the brain!
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Brain-imaging studies with subjects ranging from Navy SEALs to elite athletes, found telltale patterns of activity related to stress.
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